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Aviation Crashes

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Aviation Crashes

Plane crashes are a frightening possibility that most people prefer to deny when they’re boarding a plane. If you or someone you loved has been injured in an aviation accident or a family member has died from a wrongful death because of an aviation accident, get the representation you deserve from the Florida personal injury firm of Lewis & Williams. The personal injury firm of Lewis & Williams handles only personal injury cases, including aviation accident cases. They have more than 45 years of combined experience representing aviation accident victims and they’ve won millions of dollars in damages on behalf of their clients.

Flying is still one of the safest forms of travel though unfortunately accidents do happen. Most airline accidents occur because of: 


  •     Pilot Error

  •     Bad Weather

  •     Poor maintenance

  •     Faulty parts

  •     Runway maintenance

  •     Pilot Error

  •     Engine Failure

  •     Icing - pre-flight and mid-air

  •     Fuel Tank Explosions

  •     Defective Gauges

  •     Airplane Design Defects

  •     Defective Equipment

  •     Mid-Air Collisions

  •     Flight Instructor Errors

  •     Air Traffic Controller Errors

  •     Loading Errors

  •     Fueling Errors

  •     Defective Airplane Maintenance

  •     Airplane Structural Defects

  •     Inclement Weather

  •     Computer Failure 


According to the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board), a number of airplane safety factors should be acted on by the FAA. The NTSB wants the FAA to: 


  •     reduce accidents and incidents caused by human fatigue

  •     improve crew resource management

  •     improve runway safety

  •     improve audio and data recorders/require video recorders

  •     reduce dangers to aircraft flying in icing conditions 

Another difficult-to-address factor in airline safety is the fact that many aircraft operating in the United States are registered in foreign countries. Foreign-registered aircraft accounted for 11 different accidents in the U.S. in 2007. 


The operation of airplanes is governed by federal law. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for issuing and enforcing regulations and minimum standards for manufacture, operation and maintenance of airplanes. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is responsible for the investigation of all aviation crashes. Aviation accident reports can be obtained here. The NTSB is charged with securing all evidence relevant to their investigation. Unfortunately, NTSB investigators sometimes overlook critical evidence. They are also only required to keep the critical evidence for six to eighteen months. Unfortunately, under federal law, only the potential responsible parties are allowed to participate in the NTSB investigation. Airplane crash victims and their family members are not allowed to participate in the the NTSB investigation. However, if the crash victims are represented by an experienced Florida airplane crash attorney, the NTSB will usually cooperate with the attorney throughout the investigation. 


Note: Never assume all critical evidence will be secured by the NTSB. An immediate independent investigation is often required to determine all causes of a Florida airplane crash. Retired pilots and retired NTSB investigators are ideal independent investigators. There is an abundance of critical evidence that can be obtained by independent investigators, including: and photographing the scene, speaking with witnesses, reviewing pilot logs, pilot certifications, pilot ratings, inspecting the airplane, and inspecting and taking measurements at the crash site. 


In order to determine the cause of a Florida airplane crash, an enormous amount of research and investigation is necessary. The Law Offices of Lewis & Williams works with the leading national experts in all aspects of aviation, including the following: airplane design, aeronautics, avionics, metallurgy, flight instrumentation, black box decoding, pilot training and certification, airplane operation, aircraft maintenance, air crash reconstruction and weather. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a Florida Airplane Crash, contact an attorney with the resources and experience to effectively pursue the responsible parties.


Types of Florida Airplane Accidents


At the Law Offices of Lewis & Williams we handle all types of Florida airplane crashes. Airplane crashes can be separated into two types: 

  • Commercial Airplane Crashes in Florida

  • Private Airplane Crashes in Florida 


Commercial Airplane Crashes in Florida involve all airplane crashes conducted by an airline for profit. Commercial airplanes are highly regulated by the federal government. It is common for a detailed investigation of a Commercial Airplane Crash to show that the carrier violated federal safety regulations. 


Private Aircraft Crashes in Florida 


Private Aircraft Crashes in Florida involve all non-commercial aircraft crashes. These can include the following: 

  •     Small Commuter Airplanes

  •     Private Jets

  •     Air Ambulances

  •     Helicopters

  •     Flex-Jet Usage

  •     Crop-Dusters

  •     Many Site Seeing Tour Aircraft and also Site Seeing Helicopters 


Private aircraft are not as highly regulated as commercial aircraft. The NTSB will investigate the crash. Sadly, many airline crashes leave few or no survivors. If you have had a loved one injured or killed in an aviation accident, call the Florida aviation attorney law firm of Lewis & Williams. They’ve represented clients and their families who were victims of commercial airline crashes, and small plane accidents.


Our team of experts and attorneys has helped recover more than 90 million dollars in settlements. We work on a contingency basis so you don’t pay anything unless they win a financial settlement for your case. Make an appointment for a free case consultation with one of our Florida aviation accident attorneys. 


Our firm understands and has the experience in working with the National Transportation Safety Board, The Federal Aviation Administration, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other agencies such as The Federal Emergency Management Agency as well as state and local agencies who may be involved in investigating airline crashes. 


Do not accept an airline’s insurance company’s settlement without speaking with an experience aviation accident attorney at Lewis & Williams. Our attorneys have strong backgrounds and understanding in aviation law and will provide you with the personalized representation you deserve. Lewis & Williams only works with personal injury cases including aviation accidents and we will work with you.


The personal injury attorneys here at the Law Offices of Lewis & Williams offer a free consultation. For more information call us today at 561-444-2260.

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