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Labor & Employment Law

Law Offices of Lewis & Williams

Labor & Employment Law

Employment Law Attorney
Lewis & Williams labor and employment attorneys represent individuals in resolving
work-related disputes. We thoroughly understand all details of Florida labor laws as well
as federal employment laws, including the Family Medical Leave Act, Equal
Employment Opportunity Laws, and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Our attorneys also
review employment contracts and other documentation to ensure the rights of
employees are not infringed upon by employers.

Employee Discrimination Cases
If you face discrimination from your employer, contact us. We are dedicated to
defending Florida employees who experience wrongful treatment at work. Employee
discrimination is illegal as stated by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission, whether it is due to gender, race, religion, physical or mental disability,
pregnancy, or age discrimination in the workplace. You are entitled to your employee
rights, including the right against discrimination.  

Family Medical Leave Act Violations
The Family Medical Leave Act protects covered employers and eligible employees who
provide and receive family medical leave. Employees who qualify for the Family Medical
Leave Act receive up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off with the continuation of group
health benefits. Upon returning to work, individuals resume their job or begin an
equivalent role. Violating these policies, whether as an employer refusing benefits or an
employee wrongly obtaining leave, is illegal and will result in repercussions.
Fair Pay Disputes

The Fair Labor Standards Act is in place to ensure that all employees receive correct
pay. When employers fail to pay overtime compensation, wrongly classify individuals as
exempt, or do not provide agreed-upon wages, they violate the Fair Labor Standards
Act and can face lawsuits. If you believe you’re receiving unfair pay, our labor and
employment attorneys will proudly represent you.
Contact Us for Labor and Employment Law

At Lewis & Williams, we provide outstanding service to workers throughout the
state of Florida who are struggling with unfair workplace practices. We treat
every client like family. This means our Florida employment attorneys will fight

for you like family. We are always here to talk, and we will look out for your
best interests every step of the way. If you have any questions about your
employee rights, state or federal employment laws, or need representation for
litigation, don’t hesitate to contact our law firm.

Law Offices of Lewis & Williams

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