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Best Florida Lawyers - Best Florida Attorney

The Florida Bar regulates lawyers and their conduct. One of the areas that the Florida Bar oversees in lawyer advertising and how and what lawyers say and do when they advertise to the general public. Florida Lawyers are not allowed to say that they are the  "Best Florida Attorney" or the "Best Lawyer in Florida," but that doesn't stop them from implying the same thing.


Best Florida Attorney  

It seems that no matter where you look: on TV; in the Yellow Pages; in the Newspaper, you will see lawyers advertising the fact that they have been selected as one of the "Best Lawyers in Florida." What is disturbing is that dozens, if not hundreds, of Florida attorneys have all made the list of the "Best Lawyers in Florida."


It appears that since it is unethical for attorneys to claim they are the Best Lawyers in Florida, some lawyers have found a way around the prohibition. Publications have sprung up with the specific intent to label attorneys in Florida the "Best." 


The lawyers then refer to this publication in order to get around the ethical dilemma they would face had they explicitly stated in their ad that they were the "Best Florida Lawyer." 


The bottom line is that before you hire someone that claims or implies that they are the Best Lawyer in Florida, the Best Florida Attorney, do your homework and make sure they have experience with your particular type of Accident and your particular Injury. Ask your potential lawyer about their prior experience handling cases similar to your own. Trust your instincts, and make sure to ask questions. Choosing the wrong attorney can make the difference between receiving a fair and just settlement to possibly receiving an inadequate recovery.


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